The Production and Consumption of News in an Age of Mobile

The mobile device constitutes a highly diffused information communication technology (ICT) around the world and interpersonal mobile communication has certainly become ingrained into contemporary social life.1It has also gained traction for conveying new sin more and more countries, including those where both legacy news media and new media are subject to censorship2. Having its offspring in telecommunications and the telephone, it has typically been known as the mobile or cell “phone”. However, this device has turned into something else than simply a portable “phone”. Facilitated by technological convergence and digital developments, the mobile nowadays accommodate multimedia functions that enable the processing and interaction of content and information through audio, video, graphics, text and animation3. It has become equipped with an interface customized for mobile internet experience, involving mobile site browsers and mobile applications4, popularly referred to as “apps”.It has essentially developed from being a communication technology to becoming internetempowered information and communication technology (ICT). Equipped also with features such as camera, mp3player, radio and GPS, the mobile “phone” will hereafter be termed mobile device. With is a ubiquitous presence in everyday life, the mobile device has been referred to as the miniaturized mobility part excellence, implying its affordances for media lives on the go. Tablets and laptops constitute other sorts of miniaturized mobilities5, and the boundaries between these ICTs are continuously transforming, becoming less and less distinguishable in terms of functionalities. Baron acknowledges that research has tended to lump these devices together, arguing that the functionalities they carry have more influence on our language(writing, reading and speaking when using these devices) that has the fact that these can be carried with us.

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